Historic Water Fountain

In Summary:
That is Hasroun in her reduced portrait. It is a town of beauty, of roses and green vegetation, where water springs murmur with healthy and delicious water to drink, like the famous Arakya. Where houses are red tiled, like people donning read bonnets. And where renowned Hotels and Restaurants teem with people and good foods.

But if Hasroun prides herself with anything, it is with the character of her people. Their number is some 5000 at home, and 20,000 abroad scattered in the four corners of the globe. --From North and South America, to Africa, to Australia  - so that hardly anyone lay foot in one country without meeting a migrant from a Hasrouni extraction.

Thus, the Shahine Mashrouki family- the original stump of the Hasroun population, is today a large garden lush and blossoming with branches stretching to every corner of Lebanon and the world.

Traveling Map:

Beirut to Hasroun -- 107 km
Tripoli to Hasroun --  42 km
Chekka to Hasroun -- 46 km

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